Important News and Information

Congratulations to the following FFSC members who passed USFS tests in Falmouth on June 6th:

Marysol Jurczyk - Pre Juvenile Moves

Libby Geezil - Pre-Juvenile Freeskate

Jancy Grayson - Preliminary Freeskate

Congratulations to the FFSC members who have won medals at the following competitions:

Colonial Open:

Brigid Geezil - 1st: Juvenile Showcase

Libby Geezil - 4th: Pre-Juvenile Test Track and 2nd in Preliminary Showcase

North Shore Open:

Diana Losordo    -  1st: Pre-Juvenile Test Track

North Shore Theater on Ice:

Bourne to Skate Open Team: 2nd Choreographic Exercise Event and 3rd Freeskate Event


A big THANK YOU!! to the following FFSC members, Tianna Anderson, Marysol Jurczyk, Abby Neubert, Coach Kim and their families that came out to volunteer their help with the two water stops we had at the Half Marathon race in Hyannis on May 27th. Very much appreciated!!!!!


falmouth ice arena spring season

April 16th - June 14th