Welcome to the Falmouth Figure Skating Club!

Founded in 1966, the Falmouth Figure Skating Club’s purpose is to encourage instruction, practice, and advancement of its members in moves in the field, and free skating. We attempt to encourage a fraternal spirit among all members. The FFSC was developed to promote the sport and competitiveness of figure skating. The two requirements of being a member are to skate unassisted around the rink and the wearing of qualified figure skates.

Please check out our Membership Information page which will be useful to you as a member in the FFSC. It is organized into sections: General Information, Definitions of Common Terms, Rules, and the Annual Ice Frolics Show.

Figure skating is a healthy sport, which makes one feel good about oneself. Advancement is done-or not done-according to each individual’s choice. One can enjoy the freedom of just engaging in the sport.

We truly hope you will enjoy being a member of the Falmouth Figure Skating Club family.

Skating Levels:

LOW FREESTYLE - This session is for skaters 4th grade & under.
Any skater skating this club time, must have a parent or guardian with them at
all sessions.
INTERMEDIATE FREESTYLE - This session is for skaters, 5th – 7th grade, or one who
has passed a pre-preliminary test.
HIGH FREESTYLE – This session is for skaters 8th grade & up, or one who has
passed a pre- juvenile test.